2 Alder – 19 March

Lovers under moonlight consummate a friendship.

The blending of god and goddess or self and other under the light of Mother Moon. A lover is a sacred gift, consummating this gift it is a sign you understand the depth of that sacredness. This may or may not be acceptable in the culture you inhabit but this Symbol calls upon you to examine your assumptions in regard to relationships. Consummate immediately brings to mind sexual intimacy. It can also mean great skill as in a consummate performance on the piano. How you celebrate your relationship with your lover is up to both parties. The point of the Symbol is find a way of bringing the masculine and feminine together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The ethereal moonlight points in the role of the subconscious in this process. That it is friendship being consummated points to a range of possibilities and that the lovers of the Symbol are friends. This is beyond mere physical coupling.

1 Alder – 18 March

Entering the circle of protection I am invisible.

This Symbol is timely reminder of the need for self protection. A circle is used for both esoteric work and protection. Protection is the first step to ritual work. The point of this Symbol is to teach or re-teach the principle of the circle in esoteric work. Casting a circle can be as simple as seeing a circle of light around us all the way up to the calling in of the four elements to surround and protect us. The key is to know which hemisphere in the world we are at the time of the circle casting. In the Southern Hemisphere the sun moves in an anti-clockwise direction and the in the Northern Hemisphere it moves across the sky in a clockwise direction. When casting a circle we must always move in the opposite direction to the travel of the sun. This is old knowledge and I have tested it. When cast in the direction of the Sun’s travel, the circle did not hold. It was difficult to see in my mind’s eye. When cast against the direction of the sun, the circle was strong, protective and grounded. So practice your circle casting today and make the simple circle of light a first thing in the morning and a last thing at night routine.

29 Ash – 17 March

Raiders come from across the sea.

Raiders from across the sea. In times of slower communication, the first many knew of a raider was the attack on the village. Today you are receiving forewarning. Raiders came to remove physical possessions. They also took slaves but we live in allegedly more enlightened times where that won’t happen. Instead we have made ourselves, at some level, slaves to our stuff. So the arrival of raiders come to liberate us from our stuff. This may actually be a good thing, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. The Tarot card “The Tower” is good example of this. The foundations are good, the edifice built upon these needs taking down. In the Tarot this is shown as a lightening bolt and in this Symbol it is raiders from across the sea. Don’t be afraid to release the physical, it is just stuff.

28 Ash – 16 March

A warrior goes mad with battle lust.

A day to be aware of your inner motivations. The “Berserker” has a fine reputation and honourable history. They turn battles. They lose battles. Fore warned is foreĀ armed. Check your motivations and, in particular, check where you feel anger within your body. To do this, drop into a meditative state and scan your body looking for where the anger resides. The Berserker would access this place, either righteous anger or any other kind and channel that into battle lust. You do not need to direct your anger towards this aim, necessarily. You can rechannel it towards more appropriate goals. But until you can find that anger, it will erupt where you do not it to. Channeled, directed and understood your anger can be an ally.

27 Ash – 15 March

The doors to the other worlds remain closed.

Now is not the time for other worldly journeyings. Now is the time to get your earthly affairs in order. As you do this, messages for the other worlds will “leak” through to you. This is a day of to get your foundations strong.There are times when we have to face the realities of this plane. Today is one such time. Time to put into action the steps required to meet your goals here. This is a necessary step. We need to support ourselves and those dependant upon us. It cannot be avoided.Indeed there is much too much nonsense in the self development world pointing to the early christian church hermits. This is not what we evolved to do, full time. True enough hermits have always been with us but they are the exception not the rule. Spend your day attending to your work, it is a thing you need to do.