2 Rowan – 22 January

A waxing moon reveals abundance in plenty.

A waxing moon is growing in illumination. It is with clear sightedness we see the abundance in plenty. Coming from the dark days of despair, the movement into light reminds us the universe will provide. We have only to see clearsightedly to access this abundance. Again, the moon is connected with the subconscious and it would appear the subconscious is where our self defeating patterns and views of the world lay hidden in full view. Having re-connected with the poetic through yesterday’s Symbol we are now able, with growing clarity, to see the abundance that actually surrounds us. Illuminating, or cleaning, the subconscious leads to conscious actions releasing the abundance into our physical plane. So today’s task is to illuminate our inner selves and thereby free ourselves for both spiritual and material abundance.

1 Rowan – 21 January

A holy man recites sacred poetry to himself.

Today we enter the Celtic Tree month of Rowan. Poetry, as we discussed during Birch, operates at different place in the brain from prose. The practice of sacred poetry acts not unlike a mantra. It ripples and rumbles through our being in ways that are different from the spoken word. The effects of grounding and uplifting at the same time. It is in this paradox that we enter the month of Rowan. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, the world of Yeats and even Homer in translation are all good places to start. In some sense the poem matters little, it is the process of reciting poetry which will activate and illuminate that part of the brain which connects you to the music of Nature that matters most today.

28 Birch – 20 January

A quiet reflecting pool speaks to the heart.

Looking upon ourselves, not in a narcissistic way, but in a loving, self reflective manner is a pleasure many of us deny ourselves. If the eyes be the window to the soul, then looking at, observing and absorbing what is held within our own eyes is a gentle act of self knowledge. Today’s Symbol talks of a quiet reflecting pool. Be this in a forest, a monastery or bathroom mirror, you really will the benefits from self contemplation. This is best done without judgement. Do not focus upon any flaws, laugh lines, “blemishes” in air quotes with a destructive self talk monolog. Instead, simply observe as is you were meeting a stranger, note any negative self talk and release it, bringing your focus back to your eyes before re-exploring your face. You will see the beauty, the depths and the wonder that is you. There are few better ways to end our first Celtic Tree Zodiac month and bid farewell to both the person we were at the start of the month and to the month of Birch.

27 Birch – 19 January

A high fort of brigands is brought under the King’s control.

Grounded and re-connected with the energies of the Earth through yesterday’s Symbol, today’s points us to a clean up of our higher selves. The high fort represents our higher selves, the brigands, the thoughts, beliefs and energies we no longer need in our lives. That the high fort of this Symbol is brought under the King’s control means we are in a day of flux. Change, flux, variation can be a cause of disharmony, both within ourselves and in our relationships. It doesn’t necessarily have to be so but today’s cleaning out of our high fort/higher selves could lead to this. Forearmed is forewarned. Let the new energies of your connection with the Earth filter through your higher self at their own pace. Be gentle with yourself and those around you as your high fort is brought under your control.

26 Birch – 18 January

A sacred knife is found embedded in a stone.

Reminiscent of the Arthurian legend, today’s Symbol is more personal. We are not being asked to withdraw the knife to claim a kingdom but to look more deeply into the metaphors held within this excerpt of the legend. A sacred knife is used to mark out sacred working circles, to cut the metaphysical cords of unwanted and outdated connections. A sacred knife is a personal tool of great power. In today’s Symbol, it is embedded in a stone. This is an obvious image connecting us through our sacred tool to the Earth. It is a call to groundedness. After yesterday’s exuberant dancing, the Symbols are bringing us back to grounded reality on this plane. True enough the dancing continues but we are being called upon to ensure our feet touch the Earth, to feel the deep connections available through this action. The Earth moves in cycles different from ours and the slow steady pace on continental drift anchors us to the reality and its energies whilst allowing us to travel to other realms. Sink your sacredness deep into the Earth and feel the connection. Strengthen it day by day.