5 Alder – 22 March

Amid the raucous, I carry wisdom quietly.

Following on from yesterday’s Symbol and our learnings of ourselves reflected to us by others, today we are capable of deciphering the raucous cacophony of life from that which is most relevant to ourselves. These are hard lessons to be learning quickly but the Symbols suggest we are up for the challenge. The key to today’s Symbol is carry wisdom quietly. Yesterday we observed the raucous and today we remain silent or at least speak quietly. In speaking quietly comes power. Power is not force. power is held within. Learning to do so quietly is indeed a precious gift.

4 Alder – 21 March

Surrounded by enemies I fight for my life.

Now is not the day for passive acceptance. Now is the time to stand up for what you believe. To take a stand fully knowing it will flush out all your enemies. As ever, our greatest enemies are within. Yet they are reflected back at us by those around us. The mirror of the universe is one of its emergent properties. Once we wake up to this, life becomes much easier. For the enemies we see outside us are but guide posts to self knowledge. In that knowledge we are able to forgive both others and, more importantly, ourselves. Listen carefully this day to the messages, the energies and the thoughts which arise. Observe them, accept them and be gentle with yourself.

3 Alder – 20 March

A cat purrs contentedly in front of a well made hearth.

This is a day off in many ways. Relax as only a cat can and, let’s face it nothing on earth relaxes like a cat. Let the world pass you by for a while and soak up the warmth of the hearth fire. Spend most of your spare time at home. Reconnect with its safety, with its wonder. Having a safe space, a warm, comforting space is important for your growth and development. Understanding the need for rest is a difficult lesson to learn but learn it we must. There will be times when changes come thick and fast and you should go with these but you should also know when to stop. Today’s Symbol is a timely reminder to teach yourself to rest.

2 Alder – 19 March

Lovers under moonlight consummate a friendship.

The blending of god and goddess or self and other under the light of Mother Moon. A lover is a sacred gift, consummating this gift it is a sign you understand the depth of that sacredness. This may or may not be acceptable in the culture you inhabit but this Symbol calls upon you to examine your assumptions in regard to relationships. Consummate immediately brings to mind sexual intimacy. It can also mean great skill as in a consummate performance on the piano. How you celebrate your relationship with your lover is up to both parties. The point of the Symbol is find a way of bringing the masculine and feminine together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The ethereal moonlight points in the role of the subconscious in this process. That it is friendship being consummated points to a range of possibilities and that the lovers of the Symbol are friends. This is beyond mere physical coupling.

1 Alder – 18 March

Entering the circle of protection I am invisible.

This Symbol is timely reminder of the need for self protection. A circle is used for both esoteric work and protection. Protection is the first step to ritual work. The point of this Symbol is to teach or re-teach the principle of the circle in esoteric work. Casting a circle can be as simple as seeing a circle of light around us all the way up to the calling in of the four elements to surround and protect us. The key is to know which hemisphere in the world we are at the time of the circle casting. In the Southern Hemisphere the sun moves in an anti-clockwise direction and the in the Northern Hemisphere it moves across the sky in a clockwise direction. When casting a circle we must always move in the opposite direction to the travel of the sun. This is old knowledge and I have tested it. When cast in the direction of the Sun’s travel, the circle did not hold. It was difficult to see in my mind’s eye. When cast against the direction of the sun, the circle was strong, protective and grounded. So practice your circle casting today and make the simple circle of light a first thing in the morning and a last thing at night routine.