1 Alder – 18 March

Entering the circle of protection I am invisible.

This Symbol is timely reminder of the need for self protection. A circle is used for both esoteric work and protection. Protection is the first step to ritual work. The point of this Symbol is to teach or re-teach the principle of the circle in esoteric work. Casting a circle can be as simple as seeing a circle of light around us all the way up to the calling in of the four elements to surround and protect us. The key is to know which hemisphere in the world we are at the time of the circle casting. In the Southern Hemisphere the sun moves in an anti-clockwise direction and the in the Northern Hemisphere it moves across the sky in a clockwise direction. When casting a circle we must always move in the opposite direction to the travel of the sun. This is old knowledge and I have tested it. When cast in the direction of the Sun’s travel, the circle did not hold. It was difficult to see in my mind’s eye. When cast against the direction of the sun, the circle was strong, protective and grounded. So practice your circle casting today and make the simple circle of light a first thing in the morning and a last thing at night routine.

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