1 Ash – 18 February

Hard of heart, hard of mind.

The mind, the heart, the person are all one. This day be open to a deeper interpretation of the people around you. Despite appearances, the heart is the reality of each of us. Remember this as you re-assess yourself and others you meet this day. Meditation is also a recommended way to uderstand ourselves. I think this has been established through the activities of this year. Seeing where we are hard of heart, is a difficult process at the best of times. It will be reflected to us by others. However, through meditation, we can access these areas of our own lives where we need to soften our ways of being. I recommend the tree of life meditation as it allows to flow through the tree, seeing these areas which require attention as metaphors. These are much gentler on ourselves, allowing change to be implemented more quickly. Being gentle on ourselves is the key to softening those hard parts of us.

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