1 Birch – 24 December

The baying of wolves sounds a warning at night.

As the darkness descends at the end of the day, listen carefully, the wolves are baying, not for your blood, but to prepare you. Something is not quite right. What you thought was real isn’t. Check your premises this day. You are being asked to look at all aspects of your life. Think, contemplate, meditate and allow the answers to come to you. You have heard the wolves, now listen to what it is they have stirred within. Wolves and their baying are part of our journey as a species. Warnings, dangers, are not the only messages the wolves send. They have a highly structured family setup. When this is disrupted, the pack suffers. Coherence is lost and individuals know not their place nor their role. The pack restructures and dynamic harmony is restored. A period of change is indicated as you reassess your life. Know that all will return to the wolf pack dynamic harmony.

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