10 Birch – 2 January

Three concentric circles reveal Truth.

There is a series of steps which reveal themselves as age and grow. The ways of the child, the weighty responsibilities of adulthood and the serenity of wisdom. These will come as we grow. These will be revealed in the same stories. The stories which repeat throughout our lives. If you are between the first and second stage, know that things are and will change. Know that the inner circle, the higher naivety, will come to you. If you are approaching the third circle or even within you know this circle is but an illusion. As illusory as the first two. The bonus of this knowing is the higher naivety in that whilst the circles are illusions they are also necessary to reach the innermost circle of wisdom. Contemplating this paradox, this mystery reveals that Truth referred to in the Symbol. See it for what it is, no more, no less.

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