10 Rowan – 30 January

A fresh loaf sits by the hearth.

Wisdom is conflated with wheat. The hearth with the home. Wisdom from the home is a powerful force within us all. Our childhood homes have lasting effects upon us all. Today’s Symbol relates to that early wisdom. That the loaf is freshly baked points to a newer understanding. We are changing with the year, newer understandings are coming to us. A fresh loaf needs to cool before we can slice it or it will gum up and tear. The message for today is: the new wisdom is with us as we change our selves and our homes. Change within will always be reflected as outward change. And this is always first reflected in the home, in this case represented as the hearth. The loaf though, is not yet ready for consumption. Know change is occurring, that it cannot yet be fully accessed but that it is real. Be content with the waiting and all will be revealed and resolved.

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