11 Birch – 3 January

The nine waves of illusion enchant the onlooker.

The nine waves of illusion are a reflection of yesterday’s three circles. As the wisdom of yesterday’s inner circle becomes apparent we are tested. We are tested at every moment of breakthrough. This is normal, hence the nine waves of illusion in today’s Symbol. The thing with illusions is their seeming reality. This is their cunning. Be still, let the waves crash over you. In doing so you will see the illusion. For it is only in facing our illusions we can see them for their falsehood. Others will not see through these nine waves as suggested by the Symbol. You must show compassion, show empathy to others at this moment. You are going through changes and they yet to bed down. That being so you are not ready to preach, if you ever will be. See through the illusions, show care to others and be still.

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