11 Rowan – 31 January

A new moon cleanses the home.

Each new moon follows the one day known as the dark of the moon. That is the day when the hidden, the repressed is released under cover of a dark night. These things come to the surface so we may deal with them. Hurts, misplaced affections, misread emotions, all have the potential to be healed. That today’s Symbol has the new moon cleansing the home points to deeper work upon the self being done. This is a Symbol of great hope. It points to a period of assimilation of change, of a bright new start, of a cleaner home, both actually and metaphorphically. We are our first home. This body is the place we live for this incarnation. The moon, a new moon points is beginnings and growth, to waxing and the birth of a new cycle. Feel all these energies, knowing they arise after a dark period, after a struggle within and walk forward with confidence and expectation.

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