12 Birch – 4 January

Letting go and having fun brings greatest rewards.

Today is the day to look at your self imposed rules. From the little things like, I probably should say that in this group of people, to the big things. Personal morals, vows and ways of seeing the world. It is necessary to reassess how we do what we do and why. Today’s Symbol suggests you have become rule bound. The Symbol is not suggesting an axe wielding homicidal rampage but to look within. This is one of the hardest things you will ever do. The rules of being we accept for ourselves need to be interrogated. Are these rules simply being followed because they are the ways your parents did things? If so question them. The world your parents grew up in was a very different place with different forces at work. This is especially so when the generational gap is larger. The rules/ethics of someone whose father was born during the First World War will be different from someone whose grandparents were born then. Even with shorter generational periods the parental ethos will be sufficiently different for you to reassess. The Symbol does not imply these rules are wrong just that today they should be tested.

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