12 Rowan – 1 February

Dark plots are hatched by those who should know better.

Those who should know better, are you. Or, more correctly, those parts of you and of all of us that are capable of self destruction. What are you doing and what are you thinking? This day is for reassessment. More particularly, “What are your motives?” As we change, our underlying operating system which has kept us in our comfort and kept us safe will trigger self restricting and even self defeating thoughts and actions. Look to the outcomes in your life, trace these back to your actions and finally your thoughts. here is the clue to the dark plots we hatch against ourselves. To change these thoughts requires positive action. A mantra is perfect for this job. A mantra is a series of words repeated constantly until they reset the operating system. One I and many others have found useful is: Calm, Still and Loveable. Repeat this in your meditations, repeat it in your spare moments. Eventually it will reset your operating system at a higher point. This is technique you can use for the rest of your life so starting now is as good a time as any.

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