13 Alder – 30 March

Dancing with eagles I spy a pack of wolves.

Eagles are the symbol of higher knowings, of majesty and of individual freedom. Dancing with them suggests the shaman’s journey. So this day a meditation is called for. Get yourself into that state and take a higher perspective. Fly above the cares and woes of this life and look down upon the wider vistas of creation. From this point you will see many things. The way forward, the past and the now. Spotting a pack of wolves is indicative of many things. The most obvious not always being correct. They well be on the hunt but more likely than not they are just moving in the landscape. There effects will be felt across the entire range of their domain. From your vantage point you can these effects. In the watching of these wolves you will come to some understanding of the hidden effects you have on this world. Effects beyond you own field of perception. This is indeed a truly a gift.

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