13 Birch – 5 January

Children dancing in a game of ring around the rosy.

A sense of child like wonder is called for this day. Following on from yesterday’s interrogation of our assumptions, we are called to reconnect with the wide eyed joy of childhood. The game of ring around the rosy used to be considered a reference to the Black Death. This seems unlikely now but the point is worth considering. As the world heaves through change the children focus on the now, the immediate, the dancing and the wonder of this moment in time. Free from the responsibilities of life, this wonder fuels their day. The Symbol points to a reconnection with that energy. The responsibilities of life will not disappear but they can be put aside for, at least, a ten minute meditation on the joys of childlike exuberance. So give yourself permission to indulge in this. Enjoy it, seeing it not as a chore but as a liberation of the spirit.

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