14 Birch – 6 January

Opening doors and closing windows.

This is the day to reorganise your understanding of the world. There is no longer a need to watch from within the boundaries of yourself. Open your doors to the wonder and the possibilities available to you this day. The Symbol points us towards any ruts we may have become stuck in. observation rather than participation has a safety that will never take us to a higher place. By metaphorically opening our doors we allow for the possibility of change. For new people to come into our lives. For those no longer serving our higher good to leave with dignity and love and for ourselves to step out into the streets of life. All personal growth is done alone but it is tested in the company of others. We cannot observe ourselves as well as we can in that company. The company of others does not imply people necessarily. It can mean the company of trees, of a dog or the whisperings of the wind.

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