14 Rowan – 3 February

A deer suns itself in a forest clearing.

The deer is an ancient symbol of potency, power and majesty. As is the sun. The forest is often the place of rebirth and mystery. Today’s Symbol combines all these images into a potent package. That the deer is sunning itself is indicative of potency, power and majesty at rest. Resting in the full knowledge of its deer-ness. That being so, spend this day in quiet contemplation of your our own potency, power and majesty. To each of us is given the dignity of selfhood. Do not discount the wonder of your own self but feel the expressions of potency, power and majesty you embody for these are your gifts to the world. A goal is to reach that place within us where the effortlessness of a deer sunning itself without care deep within the forest exudes from our being. Today is a good day to start embodying that attitude and ideal.

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