15 Rowan – 4 February

Waves of desire alternate with waves of self pity.

This Symbol is symptomatic of an unregulated self. The purpose of this year of personal growth is to reach a point where these waves come and go without effort or affect. Being one with universe, or at least with the natural world is a way to achieve this. Moving to a place where we see the magic of the natural world will allow us to both become part of the cycle of the year and to accept the fluctuations which occur through time. Today’s Symbol is an extreme example of being out of balance but it is also a reminder to see desires and self pity as energies we do not have to join in with. So today’s task is to observe our emotions as we remember that emotion is simply energy in motion. By not attaching to the emotions as they arise but simply observing them we remove their power over us and this is liberating.


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