16 Birch – 8 January

Traveling through the Tree of Life leads you to your roots.

The tree of life is your link between the goddess, gods and the physical world. This tree both actually and metaphysically stretches from the bottom of its roots set in the centre of the Earth to the abode of the deities in the other realms at the extremities of the branches. The trunk is the place where this plane intersects with the Tree of Life. We enter this Tree through meditation. Held within is all the esoteric knowledge of humanity. We enter the Tree through meditation. By meditating our way into the Tree we are then free to travel within the vascular system of the Tree. Today’s Symbol asks you to make your way into the Tree. Spend time sitting in silence, waiting. The Tree will then take you to where you need to be this day. In so doing you will see your roots. These are critical to understanding both where you are now, spiritually and to where you are headed. Remember you can return to the Tree of Life whenever you wish. Today’s Symbol is your entree to this tool for self growth and knowledge.

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