16 Rowan – 5 February

Running water starts from a sacred spring.

As we learn from the Cosmology of the Zen Druids (Click here) that which cannot be described had a thought and a breath came forth. This plane mimics that first breath. From the earth springs forth waters from sacred springs. In today’s Symbol we are reminded that as the running water has a starting point so too do we. We all originated from that first breath and we are therefore sacred in our own right. Today is the day to acknowledge and justify that sacredness. Find where within your body you most clearly experience this feeling of sacredness. You may have to sit quietly for a few moments, breathing deeply, to locate the seat of your sacredness at this time. Listen to your body, allow it to speak and then, and this is critical to today’s Symbol, listen to what your sacred body is telling you. You may be surprised at what your body has to say. For too long the body has been seen as corrupt or defiled but it too is truly sacred and worthy of you attention. Once you have located today’s position of your sacredness you you this technique at anytime you feel “off the path” or out of balance. It will bring you back to you every time and there you can rebalance.

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