17 Birch – 9 January

An open hand carries no malice.

Today’s Symbol reminds us of the Celtic past. An open hand, that is, one not carrying a weapon was and is still, a sign of both peace and, on this day, freedom from malice. This Symbol calls upon us to look around us, to see who is open handed, physically and metaphysically. These are the people sent to help, by example more often than not. Yet occasionally, very occasionally, we meet one of these individuals who has a direct message for us. Listen with your inner ear for this where we hear our deepest truths. The corollary of this is that we too are here to pass on messages to others on The Way. This we do again by example and by speaking with our inner voices. Ask yourself: What is my inner dialogue this day? For the example we set is mediated through our inner dialogue. Think upon this for some moments and you will see the importance of our thoughts. Thoughts which reverberate through the cosmos. Interacting with the inner thoughts of others, finding those with whom we resonate. So come to this day’s Symbol with an open handed, free from malice attitude and see the underlying energies of the people in your life.

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