17 Rowan – 6 February

Winter follows Autumn, Summer follows Spring.

All things have a rhythm, breathing is in and out, days are dark and light as too is the year. You will notice from today’s Symbol a slight reversal of the flow. The later season coming before the earlier. This is the clue. Whilst we see actions and their consequences we are being directed to looking back a further step. In this case, thought precedes actions and their consequences. In the same way Autumn sets up Winter and Spring sets up Summer so too do our thoughts set up the consequences of our actions. Concentrate this day upon your thoughts. What are the actions they are precipitating? Can we adjust the consequences by altering our action based upon our thoughts? Indeed we can. In essence, this day’s Symbol hints at the underlying message of all the Symbols. Observe your thoughts to see your actions and their consequences. Change your thoughts and the entire sequence is altered. How to and what to think is the art of living.

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