18 Birch – 10 January

A shield of bronze covered in intricate designs.

A shield is primarily a defensive weapon. Intricate design is a metaphor for the paths you have walked in this and previous lives. The nature of these patterns is cyclical, in that they wind back upon themselves in every repeating patterns. This is both a reminder and a course forward. That this Symbol’s shield is made of bronze let’s us know we are dealing with a deep past. In particular, we are asked to look at those old patterns of self defense which have become an integral part of us. These patterns need to be destroyed, periodically. That which worked to keep us safe as children are, more likely than not, of little use as adults. This is difficult task as these patterns are usually so deeply embedded we do not see them for what they are but see them as part of whom we are. The difference is significant. So spend some time in meditation this day looking at how you react to threats and supports. Are these reactions still of value? They may be but are probably ready to be discarded.

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