18 Rowan – 7 February

A crowing of the cock, The rising of the sun.

Following on from yesterday’s Symbol we are today facing a Zen Koan. Does the crowing of the cock cause the rising of the sun? Is the predawn the cause of roosters waking sleepers? Are they coincidental? What, indeed, is a coincidence? The focus, therefore, for today is cause and effect. Whilst it may appear that the cock crowing causes the rising of the sun, it does not. Sorting causes from effects is a tricky task. After all Autumn does not cause Winter but yet Winter follows Autumn. What’s to be done? Druids love trees. The word Druid comes from the latin root for Oak tree. Find a tree. The bigger and older the better. Trees are curious beings. The move little, widening their base and reaching upward but in their stillness they grow in wisdom with time. The older a tree is the more it has survived. From fires to wild storms these beings contain the accumulated wisdom of survivors. They know cause and effect. Sit under or place your palms upon your selected tree. Then, and this is critical, listen! It may seem strange at first but trees will communicate once we allow ourselves to listen. In the listening comes knowledge and from knowledge comes wisdom. The wisdom of the trees.

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