19 Birch – 11 January

A sail appears on the horizon.

In days past, a sail appearing upon the horizon could bode either well or not. In times where word of mouth mattered more than Instagram and Twitter, steps needed to be taken. The men would ensure their weapons were near at hand, their blades sharp. A sail could mean a raiding party, lost souls or the return of kin. So this day be aware of the energies coming to you. Do they feel benevolent or malevolent? Listen with all your being but particularly listen with your gut. There is nothing in this Symbol to suggest the sail will be looking to make landfall nearby but it is better to be ready than not. This also a good Symbol for reminding us to maintain our own boundaries and psychic self protection. Do you wander the world open to every gust of psychic influence or do you follow a daily routine of protection. Simply seeming yourself surrounded by a sphere of white light can be sufficient to both protect and ready yourself for whatever the day brings. It can also dismiss from your consciousness that which is of no good for your growing self knowledge. This Symbol is, therefore, a wake up call.

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