19 Rowan – 8 February

Walking alone down mountain tracks.

The way of the seeker is often an alone Way. Walking alone, down mountain tracks of urban footpaths, is a task which befalls us all. Those yet to seek can be knocked sideways by this alone time. Those of us on the quest to ourselves know this is but one part of the journey. Time alone is when our greatest insights into ourselves arise. They will be tested in community but we grow most deeply when alone. Ensure you have time for yourself this day. You may well be able to walk down mountain tracks but you can do so in meditation as well as on this plain. Allow yourself to spend time with yourself. You are a quite remarkable individual and today is the day to reaffirm this. If this is confronting fall back onto the mantra from Rowan 12: Calm, Still and Loveable. You will see your individual remarkable-ness. Allow yourself time with you to do so.

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