2 Alder – 19 March

Lovers under moonlight consummate a friendship.

The blending of god and goddess or self and other under the light of Mother Moon. A lover is a sacred gift, consummating this gift it is a sign you understand the depth of that sacredness. This may or may not be acceptable in the culture you inhabit but this Symbol calls upon you to examine your assumptions in regard to relationships. Consummate immediately brings to mind sexual intimacy. It can also mean great skill as in a consummate performance on the piano. How you celebrate your relationship with your lover is up to both parties. The point of the Symbol is find a way of bringing the masculine and feminine together to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts. The ethereal moonlight points in the role of the subconscious in this process. That it is friendship being consummated points to a range of possibilities and that the lovers of the Symbol are friends. This is beyond mere physical coupling.

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