20 Ash – 8 March

Hiding intentions deceives an old crone.

Old doesn’t mean wise. It can but this is not an a priori assumption. Hiding your intentions this day will allow you to see the level of wisdom you attached to an older woman but that the time to move on from a teacher/student relationship. Although the Symbol refers to a female, the deceived one can be of any gender. This can be a difficult time but it is essential for your own growth. Eventually the pupil outgrows the teacher. This follows on nicely from yesterday’s Symbol as the enchanted cloak will be of value for the rest of your life. This will allow you to better read the intentions and purpose of those in your life. This Symbol is not a call to drop people from your life per se but to refine where your best lessons are likely to come from. Stay in your humility but keep your eyes open.

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