20 Birch – 12 January

Hunting for rabbits I find a golden hind.

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Today’s Symbol asks, nay, demands we keep an open mind. In our search for meaning, in our daily activities, in the things we do to keep body and soul together we are constantly stumbling upon hints and clues to our way forward. That in the hunting for rabbits, the Symbol suggests a connection with the divinity of Nature we need to remain open to these possibilities. Taken a step further, we must be aware of the ruts we run in without thought. While most of us thrive on routine, that routine can become suffocating with time. Look up from the six feet surrounding yourself which is the default focus of most humans. Look at the sky by day and/or by night. We live in a wonderous world full of sightings of golden hinds, if only we look.

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