21 Birch – 13 January

Closing the doors of the past leads to wings of freedom.

It takes three weeks to create a new pattern in our lives. Today is the twenty-first day of our year-long journey through the Symbols. Having travelled this far it is import we realise we are changing our way of looking at the world. Seeing the other realms as integral to this world is part of the process instituted by the Symbols. This is the day to let go of older, outdated ways of seeing the world. It is unlikely that a complete release will occur in one day but it might. On this journey through the Symbols we are being assisted by those from the other realms in our quest to better understand ourselves and our place in this world. Indeed, the Symbols are showing us a new way of viewing this world. Today is the day to embrace this change and release the past. Today is the day to spread your metaphysical wings.

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