22 Birch – 14 January

A stone circle at Summer Solstice.

The energy of a stone circle comes from both its shape and its position. Its circularity encloses as much space as possible within the smallest boundary. Its location places it within an energy field. At Summer solstice, the sun is both at its highest point in the sky for the year at noon and beginning its path to its lowest point. That being the case today’s Symbol is asking us to view what is peaking in our lives, what is about to reduce and to simply observe the energies of these events. The location of circle is also critical. Great thought was given to the placement of these ancient monuments. We are being asked to think critically about our own locations today. Be they domestic, employment or interpersonal. Which of these has reached its zenith? WHich is about to decline to its nadir? Observe and celebrate. Give thanks for what has come to pass and what is about to.

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