22 Rowan – 11 February

A dagger is driven into the heart of the matter.

A clear mind strikes with the cleanliness of a sharp dagger. Cleaving the unnecessary from the untrue. It drives straight towards the truth. Sharpening the mind, keeping it that way and whetting it when required is a skill developed through daily practice. It may takes years or a blinding moment of realisation or even years to reach that moment of blinding realisation. Know that we are each capable of this insight into reality. The Zen masters of old gave logic stopping conundra to encourage this moment of realisation. Druidic practice of memorising enormous amounts of poetry had the same effect. Poetry as we know, operates in a different region of the brain from prose. Finding the truth about reality requires us to move from prose, from logic to an intuitive understanding of reality. Reality built upon Nature. Listening to the wind, smelling the flowers and feeling currents in water will all point us to where we become the dagger driven into the heart of the matter.

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