23 Birch – 15 January

The moon rises over the ocean of discontent.

The moon, mystical, fluid and constantly in change is a metaphor for our inner selves. As she rises over the ocean of discontent she is reminding us that that which causes disharmony, discontent and disconnection mostly rises from within. Equally as she rises above the discontent, she reminds us we are capable of being above all that is petty, all that is caused by the squabblings of others and the things in life with which we are not best pleased. In observing this moon we see her rise above this see effortlessly and by simply being herself. That is the clue to today’s Symbol. We, each of us, have within us the ability to rise above all our problems simply by being us. By allowing our innate “us-ness” to express itself freely, without ego or force. Allow your “you-ness” to rise this day. It may have been buried deep, it may be a shining light already, it matters not, simply feel it this day.

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