23 Rowan – 12 February

A wailing of wise women releases the wee folk.

The wailing of wise women is not done without reason. These women are marking the death of something. Usually the Symbols speak metaphorically and this is the case today. The old us, the one we need to love and release is passing. There is naturally some grief attached to this thus the wailing. And sometimes we need the help of those from the other realms. This day is such a time. The wise women do not summon the wee folk lightly nor without cause. This day you must allow those from the other realms to help you. Do NOT fight it! Be aware though, the wee folk operate on different moral standards from we humans and lessons will be a little difficult to assimilate on a conscious level. Know that you are changing, that the old you is being mourned and possible futures are being revealed through the wee folk.

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