25 Ash – 13 March

Mutton pie and cider welcome a wandering stranger.

After yesterday’s Symbol, you may well feel like a stranger to yourself. Take a day for recovery, recuperation and recreation. Not necessarily mutton pie and cider but I can’t find an argument against it. We will notice, I hope, that the Symbols are working on a semi regular cycle of growth and rest. The growth is liberating but can also be quite draining. The rest is, therefore, essential. Too many people have driven themselves to physical and emotional breakdown by not ensuring they rested when required. I might point out again at this stage, the Symbols were received at random and I wrote them down on 366 shuffled cards which were then placed in date order. That the patterns of growth and rest appear is sign of the efficacy of these Symbols. Take today off, read, relax, walk or whatever it is you do to recharge and enjoy it.

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