26 Birch – 18 January

A sacred knife is found embedded in a stone.

Reminiscent of the Arthurian legend, today’s Symbol is more personal. We are not being asked to withdraw the knife to claim a kingdom but to look more deeply into the metaphors held within this excerpt of the legend. A sacred knife is used to mark out sacred working circles, to cut the metaphysical cords of unwanted and outdated connections. A sacred knife is a personal tool of great power. In today’s Symbol, it is embedded in a stone. This is an obvious image connecting us through our sacred tool to the Earth. It is a call to groundedness. After yesterday’s exuberant dancing, the Symbols are bringing us back to grounded reality on this plane. True enough the dancing continues but we are being called upon to ensure our feet touch the Earth, to feel the deep connections available through this action. The Earth moves in cycles different from ours and the slow steady pace on continental drift anchors us to the reality and its energies whilst allowing us to travel to other realms. Sink your sacredness deep into the Earth and feel the connection. Strengthen it day by day.

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