26 Rowan – 15 February

A shaman arrives at the critical point in a battle.

The shaman represents your inner knowings. At a critical point in a struggle with yourself this day, your inner voice, your very own shaman will speak softly to you. In ancient times battles stopped to allow the shaman to speak. Equally, the initial stages of battle were between the shamans of both sides before the business of hand to hand fighting began. In many ways this refers to an inner battle. Are you prepared to see the shaman arrive in time for you to avoid conflict, resolve conflict or escalate it? We are moving through this year of growth to, hopefully, more easily avoid our own inner conflicts by living in the world as it is not how we would like it to be. Our inner shaman, higher self, gut feeling or however you wish to describe your knowings is always with you. Today is the day to listen more clearly and receive counsel from yourself.

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