27 Ash – 15 March

The doors to the other worlds remain closed.

Now is not the time for other worldly journeyings. Now is the time to get your earthly affairs in order. As you do this, messages for the other worlds will “leak” through to you. This is a day of to get your foundations strong.There are times when we have to face the realities of this plane. Today is one such time. Time to put into action the steps required to meet your goals here. This is a necessary step. We need to support ourselves and those dependant upon us. It cannot be avoided.Indeed there is much too much nonsense in the self development world pointing to the early christian church hermits. This is not what we evolved to do, full time. True enough hermits have always been with us but they are the exception not the rule. Spend your day attending to your work, it is a thing you need to do.

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