27 Birch – 19 January

A high fort of brigands is brought under the King’s control.

Grounded and re-connected with the energies of the Earth through yesterday’s Symbol, today’s points us to a clean up of our higher selves. The high fort represents our higher selves, the brigands, the thoughts, beliefs and energies we no longer need in our lives. That the high fort of this Symbol is brought under the King’s control means we are in a day of flux. Change, flux, variation can be a cause of disharmony, both within ourselves and in our relationships. It doesn’t necessarily have to be so but today’s cleaning out of our high fort/higher selves could lead to this. Forearmed is forewarned. Let the new energies of your connection with the Earth filter through your higher self at their own pace. Be gentle with yourself and those around you as your high fort is brought under your control.

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