27 Rowan – 16 February

Sheep munching contentedly on their cud.

A day of relaxation and contentment. The work has been done, the effort put in. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of that work. Sheep chewing cud a extracting the last of the goodness from their feed. Yet they generally lie down to do this. You must take the last ounce of enjoyment from the work you done and the goals you have reached. The journey will continue but periods of rest are critical. Sheep chewing on their cud is also known as ruminating from the fact the cud was partially digested in the rumine. To ruminate is an ancient practice best described as running thought experiments. Of allowing your thoughts to flow, without limit, to wherever they might. After contacting your inner shaman yesterday, rumination is good follow up to that Symbol. Let your thoughts flow as you rest your body. Imagineering is as important as engineering.

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