28 Birch – 20 January

A quiet reflecting pool speaks to the heart.

Looking upon ourselves, not in a narcissistic way, but in a loving, self reflective manner is a pleasure many of us deny ourselves. If the eyes be the window to the soul, then looking at, observing and absorbing what is held within our own eyes is a gentle act of self knowledge. Today’s Symbol talks of a quiet reflecting pool. Be this in a forest, a monastery or bathroom mirror, you really will the benefits from self contemplation. This is best done without judgement. Do not focus upon any flaws, laugh lines, “blemishes” in air quotes with a destructive self talk monolog. Instead, simply observe as is you were meeting a stranger, note any negative self talk and release it, bringing your focus back to your eyes before re-exploring your face. You will see the beauty, the depths and the wonder that is you. There are few better ways to end our first Celtic Tree Zodiac month and bid farewell to both the person we were at the start of the month and to the month of Birch.

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