29 Ash – 17 March

Raiders come from across the sea.

Raiders from across the sea. In times of slower communication, the first many knew of a raider was the attack on the village. Today you are receiving forewarning. Raiders came to remove physical possessions. They also took slaves but we live in allegedly more enlightened times where that won’t happen. Instead we have made ourselves, at some level, slaves to our stuff. So the arrival of raiders come to liberate us from our stuff. This may actually be a good thing, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. The Tarot card “The Tower” is good example of this. The foundations are good, the edifice built upon these needs taking down. In the Tarot this is shown as a lightening bolt and in this Symbol it is raiders from across the sea. Don’t be afraid to release the physical, it is just stuff.

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