3 Rowan – 23 January

The garden grows without the gardener’s attention.

After yesterday’s illumination comes the enlightenment within the physical realms. There is no guiding hand within the forest. There is simply the tree-ness of trees, the shrub-ness for shrubs and the animal-ness of the animals. The forest grows, the animals prune, some shrubs grow taller, some trees fall over. In the cleared space, new life grows. So to within the garden. This is especially so with a mature garden. The bones of perennials set the structure, the beat and the annuals and bulbs add the melody. Each in its own time and in its own way. As all life is but a variation on a garden, it will occur without the gardener’s attention. The gardener simply harvests from the mature system. To so the gardener must understand the system of the garden. In understanding the garden of our lives we too can harvest the flowers and fruits of self-ness. This Symbol calls for us to understand our limited yet crucial roll in the gardens of our lives.

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