4 Ash – 21 February

A square of light in the centre of a stone circle.

The dawning of a new year in the depths of winter is the image associated with this image. The light grows from within the circle, this day the new beginning begins. We pass through many new beginnings each year. Daily, monthly, seasonally and metaphysically. The square inside a circle lets us know this Symbol’s meaning is about a paradox. Clearly the shapes a different from each other. Upon which do we focus? The circle, a stone circle, represents a fixed point in space. A place the ancient ones decided was of value and had meaning. The square of light is a nw insight within the sacred space. So the point of this Symbol is new understanding of fixed and meaningful part of our lives. We have seen the areas of understanding we need to confront in the last two Symbols, those areas of hardiness we need to soften and those parts of our power we needed to bathe in the salty waters of our subconscious. Today brings the sign these actions are having effect. Enjoy the inner warmth this new light brings.

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