4 Rowan – 24 January

A field of turnips feeds stock over winter.

Much like yesterday’s Symbol, today’s is about knowing we will be provided for. A prudent approach to saving, like late summer planting of turnips to feed sheep during winter, will ensure we have a cushion for the inevitable calamities that life provides. If saving in not a habit or debt is a reality then today is the day to start thinking, planning and acting on our finances. The practice of self knowledge and self growth requires us to sustain ourselves both ethereally and physically. Knowing that yesterday’s garden grew on it own and that planting the tiny turnip seeds will provide for the future we must learn to both understand the eternal abundance of Nature and how we can assist her along the way. This is the realisation made physical that no two parts of our lives are truly separate. Everything is interconnected and whole. Today is the day to check your turnips.

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