5 Ash – 22 February

A sliver plate and a golden apple.

The silver of the feminine and the gold of the masculine combined is the theme for this day. Be you of any gender, we all carry both parts within. In this Symbol, the apple, the masculine gold and a form of nourishment is juxtaposed with the supporting stillness of the silver plate. The plate being the original form of the grail in some of the versions of that story. The grail, originally, meant a form of plenty, it is connected to the cornucopia as well as the never ending cauldron of plenty. That it is with but one fruit, a golden apple means we need not fear of want. Sufficient is provided, as we need it. In some of the early stories, the golden apple refers to a quince. The quince is a hard fruit to eat fresh after all our centuries of sugar consumption but it was so eaten in the Middle Ages. The point then of today’s Symbol is the consume that which may be tart to the taste for it has benefits beyond its flavour. Tartness is another aspect of the masculine in Asiatic medicine. Combined with the cool to the touch feminine silver plate we are called to blend the more extremes of these polarities into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Reflect upon this and see the power that comes from this union.

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