5 Birch – 28 December

An enchanted woman made entirely of flowers.

The mystical made physical is day’s gift for you. Flowers were relatively late comers to the plant world yet their effect was profound. Think of a plant food that does not flower! Even grasses flower and they include the major cereals. So the soft, bee attracting, sexual parts of plants have this day been combined in an enchantment to create a woman. It is as if the reproductive forces of Nature have become personified. A combination of the feminine from across two kingdoms. Yet there is enchantment here. Beware! For the true of path, the enchantment will be noted but you will not fall under its spell. For those not quite so pure of path keep your eyes, ears and heart open. What are you being sold? What in your life could be not exactly what it seems? A day to interogate your perceptions.

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