5 rowan – 25 January

A time of mourning, a time of love.

These two ideas, emotions, feelings are not entirely disconnected. Indeed to lose someone loved will lead to mourning. The point of the Symbol is these two emotions are to be embraced. As we are in a year of growth, some clean up is necessary. Unexpressed mourning is a dangerous thing. It builds within us, erupting periodically as different emotions. Anger is not uncommon. Unmourned loss is also an anchor holding back our capacity to love. It is, therefore, essential to deal with. Spend today identifying those losses you have not fully mourned. Realise this will take honesty and be painful. The pain though is cathartic, is vital, is what releases our deepest ability to love. For in the mourning of loss we are acknowledging ourselves, our own hurt and pain. Healing this is a very private, intensely personal way to love ourselves. And it is always time to show ourselves more love.

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