6 Ash – February 23

Little flowers adorn the head of a young girl.

Flowers are the smiles of Nature. A girl is the Goddess in early form. The purity and innocence of childhood is, therefore referenced in today’s Symbol through the feminine. The Divine feminine is an extremely powerful energy. We see it here at its early stage of development. Given all we have been through so far this year of growth, we may expect to be further along the Path. This Symbol reminds us that most of this year has been about re-orientation to the ways of the ancients. That this Symbol has now arisen points us towards the real Path. Connecting for the first time or reconnecting to the energies of feminine is a key turning point in the year. This is day to celebrate the feminine, to see she permeates all of Nature. From the subtle dancing of the trees in a light breeze to roaring waters of a river in flood, the Divine feminine both nurtures and destroys. These are two sides of the one coin, for in Nature nothing is ever truly destroyed just transformed. So cherish this day of young energy and feel it throughout your body.

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