6 Birch – 29 December

A faerie ring glistens in the dawn light.

We follow on from yesterday’s enchanted woman with another reference to the ethereal and the other worldly. A faerie ring is a thing of beauty, a thing of fear and a thing of wonder. Beauty is in its irregular circularity. Sitting in a meadow looking like it really doesn’t care for the perfection of a circle yet with enough of the shape to let us know who lives here. A thing to fear as faerie ways are not those of humankind. What may seem a joke to them can have devastating effects upon people. Finally, a faerie ring is a thing of wonder. It houses faeries! Faeries! Just think. See this faerie ring in your mind’s eye. See the dew reflecting of the toadstools in the morning sun. Bring this sense of wonder to your day despite the irregularity of its circumference, despite the ways of faeries not being ours and in reverence of the wonder it inspires.

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      1. Sounds quiet. Nice and quiet. Why do so many equate quiet with boredom. Seems the opposite to me. Nice to see you looking so well. I will state my absolute lack of trust in all things.

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