6 Rowan – 26 January

Dancing released demons and demi-gods.

Dancing has long been asociated with courting and joy. Yet in ancient times, sacred dancing was an act of ritual, a rite of passage on occasion and the purview of certain people within a culture. It was also confined to certain events. Change of seasons, equinoxes, solstices and so on. The purpose was to dissipate a build up of energies which if repressed would lead to dangerous fault lines within societies. So today is the day to realise that releasing demons and demi-gods is a thing of healing, of balance and of purification. What unresolved psychic dichotomies are we carrying around deep within? Where do we hold paradoxically opposed ideas? Things like, in a crude form, “All families good are unbreakable.” and at the same time: “my family is good but shattered emotionally.” These are the sorts of things that sacred dancing can release, indeed is designed to release. Connecting to those parts of the brain as do poetry, they give physical expression to the poetic. Examine and dance, examine and dance and stop rational thinking. Feel the energy of paradox moving through and releasing from your body today.

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