7 Birch – 30 December

Entering the labyrinth with guides.

A day that can bring confusion. The labyrinth represents the path to attainment of knowledge. The confusion comes from the twists and turns. A labyrinth though will lead you into your own interior and send home through a slightly different r=yet parallel path. Remember you have guides. Listen, feel and sense them with you. As you walk the labyrinth you will travel what seems to be farther away from your destination than you should be. This is part of the magic of the labyrinth for the path can lead to but one destination. It is your mind which questions your path. The labyrinth itself cares not for your petty confusions. It is simply a path wound in upon itself and flowing outward from its own centre. Therefore make sure your energy is grounded today. Once grounded the guides will he there for you.

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