7 Rowan – 27 January

Daytime for working, night time for enchantments.

As the year is divided into a dark half, from the Autumn Equinox to the Spring Equinox and light half, the rest of the year, so too can our days be broken into dark and light. In ancient times the day began at sundown and ran until the following sundown. In this way the dark precedes the light. Today’s Symbol reverses that but the effect is still valid. We are being asked to put our attention on the physical, on the tangible, on this plane during the day. In so doing we rest the subconscious, we allow it to process what it needs to. In the evening or more correctly during the dark of the day, enchantments are revealed. A thoroughly worked body releases us to see more clearly into the other realms. So work hard, dream hard and allow your other senses feel the enchantments of life.

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